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Labor and Equipment Usage and Forecast
Labor and Equipment Usage and Forecast
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Labor and Equipment Usage section allows you to analyze your resource usage over time to help with project planning and estimation.

You can view usage for the entire project or use it with Filters and custom tags to further analyze the schedule in detail.

Note: To see usage information, you must add labor and equipment to the project. You can read about it here.

  1. You can find Labor Usage and Equipment Usage on the left Nav Bar

  2. On top of the page, you will see a resource usage graph; below that, you will see a table with the same information.

  3. You can switch from a stacked bar graph (showing resources in different colors) to total to see only one bar. Hovering on stacked bar will show you individual breakdown.

  4. You can switch from Hours to Units. Hours shows total hour usage based on 8 hours/day. Unit shows total Qty.

  5. In Hours mode, last column of the table shows the sum of all the hours. In Units mode, last column shows the Max of the resource.

  6. To view the graph for a specific resource or a group of resources, you can turn off or on the desired resources from the table. That will update the table as well as the graph.

  7. The table at the bottom of the screen will output either total units or hours of the selected resources depending on the selected option on the top left (Units or Hours). This data can be used to create an accurate labor estimate for the project.

  8. To change the time scale, click on the desired option on top right [Week | Month | Year]


When you apply a filter, the resource usage graph and the table will update to reflect the filtered activities. For example, you can see the resource usage of a specific group, or activities running on a specific calendar, and so on. A brief video below:

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