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Introduction to Timespan Resources
Introduction to Timespan Resources
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A project often needs resources that span multiple activities but are not tied to any specific set of tasks. That resource might be required from the start of an activity to the end of another one regardless of how many other activities are between those start and end dates.

Some common examples are temp power, tower crane, scaffolding, project manager, etc.

Traditionally, these resources are tracked in a separate spreadsheet that is not linked to the schedule. So any change made to the schedule makes that spreadsheet out of sync, and manual updates are needed that are both error-prone and time-consuming.

That is why we built Timespan Resources as part of Planera's scheduling engine.

Watch a brief introductory video here.

How to add Timespan Resources to your project?

  1. Navigate to Timespan Resource tab using the left toolbar.

  2. Under the Resource List tab, you will add all the Timespan resources you need in the project.

3. Create a new Timespan item by giving it a name.

4. Next, you can add Labor and/or Equipment (one or many) as required. Then choose the calendar for this item.

Note: Only name is the required field; you can choose to add the other details later

5. Add the start date and end date for this item.

  • Dates can be tied to an element in the project (Activity, Group, Milestone) or a fixed calendar date

  • If tied to an element in the project, you can add +ve lag (delay the start) or negative lag (earlier start) compared to the date of the element

  • Start date uses the Start Date of the element

  • End date uses the End Date of the element

6. Finish Late: If you choose to finish entering details later, you will see a yellow alert sign and a box around the cell to highlight which entries have been deferred for later

How to view Timespan Resource Outputs of your project?

  1. Navigate to Labor Output or Equipment Output sections in the Timespan Resources page

2. You will find Resource graphs and a usage table in this section

3. You can change the display type from Units and Hours and time scale from Week to Month to Year

4. You can also turn on and off individual resources by clicking on the checkboxes on the left column of the table

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