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Procore Integration Basics
Procore Integration Basics

Basic functionality of Planera + Procore Integration

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What is Procore integration?

Once the Planera app is installed in your Procore account, you can use Planera as an Embedded app inside Procore.

You can create and maintain your schedules in Planera, and when you are ready, you can Export to Procore.

What is synced with Procore?

We sync the project schedule with Procore, including the following details:

  • WBS Structure and Activities

  • Duration

  • Network logic (Predecessors and Successors)

  • Start and Finish dates

  • Actual Start and Actual Finish

What about getting data back from Procore?

At this time, we do not bring information back from Procore. Inthe near future, we are going to automatically bring in % complete and some other RFI details from Procore into Planera.

Detailed instructions to install the Planera app in Procore

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