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Installing Planera App in Procore
Installing Planera App in Procore

Detailed instructions on how to install Planera app in Procore

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  1. You need to have a Planera and Procore account

  2. You need to have permission to install Apps in Procore

Detailed Installation Steps

  1. Find the Planera App in Procore Marketplace and press Install

  2. When you see the following prompt, press Install. Planera needs Calendar permission to export schedules to Procore.

3. Next step, add some projects that Planera will have access to. If you skip this step, you can add this permission later as well but it is advisable to do this upfront.

4. Next, you have to create a Configuration for Planera App by clicking on "+ Create Configuration"

5. In the next step, create a configuration for Planera and make sure to select both the following options:

  • Global Projects Config

  • Company Level Config

That's it!! Now you can use Planera embedded app in Procore.

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