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Defining Relationships and Lags
Defining Relationships and Lags

How to add FS, SS and FF relationships and lags

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Types of Relationships in Planera

In Planera, relationships play a crucial role in defining connections between different activities. There are three types of relationships supported:

  • FS - Finish to Start

  • SS - Start to Start

  • FF - Finish to Finish

By default, when you add a connector between two activities, it shows an FS relationship with "0" lag, meaning the next activity starts as soon as the previous one finishes. You have the flexibility to change it to SS or FF.

How to Add/Change Relationships and Lag for a New Activity:

1. For a new connection, the relationship defaults to an FS without any lag. Click on the connector to open the context menu from where you can add/change the relationship.

2. Click on the relationship type to open the dropdown. From there, you can change the relationship, edit lag, and add other relationships as well.

3. For a new activity, click on the activity, and a pop-up window will appear where you can change the relationship type and add lag.

4. Multiple relationships can be added to one connector by toggling the appropriate switches.
Planera displays relationships in an easily readable format.

5. If no relationships are added, a pop-up will appear, prompting you to decide whether you want to delete that connection or no

To create a relationship with an existing activity using the "Add Successor/Predecessor" modal, select an activity, drag a connector from it to an empty area, and a modal will appear. Choose the activities to connect from an existing activity, select the relationship type and lag, and click "Add" when you're finished.

Managing Relationships in Different Views

In the table view, right-click on an activity or click the icon below to see and edit its relationships.

In the Gantt chart, click on the connector to view the relationship.

Select an activity, click the icon at the bottom View/edit relationships, and see predecessor and successor activities.

When dealing with groups, view/edit multiple relationships without navigating to individual activities.
Understand connections and relationships between activities and groups.

Managing relationships in Planera ensures a clear and efficient project flow, allowing for precise planning and execution.

Multiple relationships compatibility note:

Note that while P6 does support multiple relationships between two activities, MS Project does not. So if you export a Planera project with multiple relationships between two activities in MS Project format, MS Project will show them but will only consider the first one it shows in the UI. That is not in our control and is MS Project limitation.

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