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Replying and Resolving Comments
Replying and Resolving Comments

How to resolve comments

Updated over a week ago

Resolve Comments

Comments that have been addressed can be hidden from the canvas and comment feed using this feature. This can be done only by the original author of the comment.

Steps to resolve a comment -

  1. Navigate to the comment that needs to be resolved. Click here to learn how to find comments

  2. Hover over the comment to be resolved; a black check mark will appear.

  3. Click the check mark to resolve the comment, removing it from the feed.

Unresolve a Comment

  1. By default, resolved comments will not be shown in the feed. You can change this from the filter option.

  2. Resolved comments on hover, display black checkmark as shown below

  3. Click the check mark to Unresolve, revealing the chat bubble icon next to the associated activity, group, or milestone.

Replying to Comments

  1. Navigate to the comment box of the specific comment. To learn how to find comments, click here.

  2. Click on ‘Reply’ in the comment box, type out your response and press Enter.

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