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Adding Comments to an Element
Adding Comments to an Element

Add comments to an Activity, Milestone or Group

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Planera lets you add comments to any Activity, Group, or Milestone. Adding comments is a great way to capture your thoughts, action items, to-do lists, etc.

You can also tag other users in the comments to get their attention on a specific element.

How to add Comments?

  1. There are two ways to add a comment -

    • From the right-click menu: Right-click on a group, activity, or milestone and select ‘Comment’ from the pop-up.

    • From Header: Click on ‘Comment’ then select a group, activity or milestone.

  2. Once the comment box opens up, type out the comment and press Enter.

    Note: If you want to address the comment to a project collaborator, use the '@' followed by the collaborator's user name (@username) and then type out the comment and hit Send or Press Enter. This will send an email notification to the collaborator as well.

  3. If there's an existing thread, click the chat bubble with a plus icon to start a new one for the selected element.

Finding comments in Planera.

Comments can be accessed from 3 points.

  1. From the Canvas: Elements with comments display a chat bubble icon on their right side. Click on it to open the thread.

  2. From Canvas Header: Click on ‘Comment’.

    Comment pane will open on the right, displaying only project-specific comments.
    Click on any comment to navigate to its location on the canvas.

  3. From Home Page Header: Click on ‘Comment’.

    Comment Feed will open displaying a list of Comments across multiple projects that you've been tagged in. Click on a comment to navigate to its location on the canvas.

    Note: Unread comments will have a blue dot on the left.

Finding Resolved Comments

By default, resolved comments will not be shown in the feed. You can change this from the filter option.

Finding Comments Specific to You.

  1. Click ‘All Comments’ dropdown from the comment feed.

  2. Click ‘Comments for Me’ to display comments you have been tagged in.

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