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Bulk Data Entry by Selecting Rows
Bulk Data Entry by Selecting Rows

Select multiple rows in the table to add data in bulk

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Bulk Actions: Add Content to Multiple Activities at Once

Bulk Actions in Planera allow you to efficiently update information like Calendar, Labor, and Codes across multiple selected cells in the same column or to an entire row. You can either add a new action or copy-paste existing information.

How to perform bulk actions by selecting multiple table rows

  1. When hovering over an activity, you'll notice that a checkbox appears in place of S.No.

2. Check the box for the activities you want to update.

3. Once selected, a Bulk action strip will appear.

4. From the strip, choose one of the following bulk actions:

  • Find and replace

  • Calendar

  • Labor

  • Equipment

  • Codes

5. Select the desired action, follow the bulk action flow and it will apply the changes to all the selected activities. This allows you to efficiently update information across multiple activities simultaneously.

6. To cancel any bulk changes, select 'Cancel.' This action will prompt a modal where you can confirm the cancellation.

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