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Creating and managing multiple Organizations

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An Organization (Org) is a company account where all users, library items, and projects belong. Each user has their own account in Planera using their work email.

Most times, you will work with your colleagues on the main company Org.

However, sometimes you may need to create a new Org to collaborate with other sets of people... for examples:

  • You have a joint venture with another company.

  • You want to collaborate with a design firm.

  • Collaborate with sub-contractors.

  • Share projects and collaborate with an owner.

You do want to collaborate, BUT you don't want those people to see all your other projects and users.

In that case, you can create a New Organization and invite those users to that new Org.

The invited user will receive an email, and they can join your Org by accepting the invitation. If they have an existing Planera account, they do not have to create a new account. They can join your New Org and many other Orgs with the same Planera account.

New Org will start with no users, labor, equipment, projects, etc. It is like a brand new account, except it uses your same Planera login.

The content in this new organization will not be visible to users in other organization unless you specifically add them to the new Org. Similarly, users added to the new organization will not have access to projects in other organizations.

To access the "Organization" feature, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the top left of the screen where your organization name is displayed.

  2. Click on the drop-down menu and select "+ Create New Organization".

  3. Enter the name of your new organization and click "Create".

Once you have created a new organization, you can create new projects, new workspaces and add invite users for collaboration.


  • You cannot delete organizations at this time. This functionality will be added in future releases.

  • You cannot move projects, copy activities, or groups across organizations.

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