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Creating Multiple Versions of the Project
Creating Multiple Versions of the Project

Create and manage multiple versions of the project for What-if analysis, analyzing different sequences, scenarios, etc without clutter

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What are Versions?

Tired of juggling through dozens of files cluttering your computer? Or losing track of the correct version of the project?

The ‘Versions’ feature in Planera allows you to create duplicates of the schedule instantly. You can navigate through all the versions, decide which is the ‘Current’ and ‘Baseline’ version of the project.

Importance of Versions?

​Having multiple versions is crucial as it allow you to explore different scenarios, keeping the original and previous schedule versions intact. You can make changes, analyze the Critical Path with various scenarios, track all changes, and decide which one to move forward with. Each version keeps the entire history of changes; you can compare any version to any version. You can create unlimited versions of the project.

How to Create a New Version of the project?

  1. Once a project has been opened, click on the Versions button in the left column menu.

  2. You will see a canvas-like layout. Hover over the card representing the version and click on the '+' button to create a new version.

  3. By default the latest version created will become the current version. Open the version you just created, and you can now start to make the desired changes in this version without affecting the previous versions.

How to set as Baseline and Current Version?

  1. Navigate to the Versions feature.

  2. Hover on the version you want and click on the 3 dots to reveal a dialog box. Baseline and Current Version can be set from here.

Modifying Version Cards

  1. 3 dot menu: For actions such as Opening, Deleting, Editing, Creating, changing the card's color, and setting it as the Current or Baseline version.

  2. Status & Type: Adding, Editing, Deleting and changing the color of tags can be done from here.

How to locate a Specific Version?

Finding a particular version can be done either by panning around the Versions Canvas and looking for it or from the filter option. Read how to use filters here.

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