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Project Dashboard

Project analytics, progress S-curve, Important dates variance, and more

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The project dashboard offers a real-time overview of key performance indicators, enabling you to monitor and analyze the project progress and performance of the current version in comparison with the baseline.

Note: The Dashboard's version comparison (current vs. baseline) differs from the project version comparison, and these functionalities work independently.

How to access Dashboard: Click the Dashboard icon from the left toolbar

Note: Data displayed on the page is not real-time updated. Click "Refresh" for the latest information.

How to Set Baseline from the Dashboard

Baseline can be set in 4 ways from the baseline dropdown.

  1. Select Existing Baseline

    • Click the option labeled 'Baseline' from the dropdown.

  2. Assigning baseline when none has been assigned previously

    • Click the option labeled 'Assign Baseline' from the dropdown menu.

    • Click on any schedule version, except the current one, to set it as the baseline.

      Note: Learn more about setting baseline here.

  3. Select ‘Previous’

    • Click the option labeled 'Previous' from the dropdown menu.

      Note: This sets the version created before the current version as baseline

  4. Select ‘Other Versions’

    • From the dropdown, click on 'Other Versions' to access the version canvas, which displays all schedule versions.

    • Click on a schedule version to set as baseline.

Using Progress S Curve

  • Show baseline on Progress S Curve graph: Click on the "Early Start" and "Late Start" checkboxes to respectively display the baseline curve on the graph.

  • Display data over various time periods: Choose between Day, Week, Month, or Year to refine the chart and showcase progress data accordingly.

Adding To Watchlist

  1. Click on ‘Add to Watchlist’ to open ‘Watch an Activity/Milestone’ modal

  2. Hover over any Activity or Milestone and click on ‘Watch’ to add to watchlist.

  3. Elements added to the watchlist in the current version will appear in the table.

    Note: Learn more about watchlist here.

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