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Bookmarks - Save and Retrieve Specific Views
Bookmarks - Save and Retrieve Specific Views

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What is a Bookmark in Planera?

Have you ever felt like saving a view on the canvas, table, Gantt or any other module so that you can access it with ease later? Or have you ever wanted to share a view with a collaborator?

Bookmarks help you do exactly that!

How to Create a Bookmark?

It's simple! Just follow these steps:

1- Navigate to the view that you would like to bookmark.
2- Click on the Bookmark button conveniently located next to Share in the header.

3- Click on Bookmark this View, enter the title and description (optional) and voila, you're done!

Copy the Link to View and bookmark this view

1- Copy Link to View: If you just want to create a quick link of a view to share with others without creating a bookmark to avoid writing a name and description, use this option.

2- Bookmark this View: If you want to create a proper list of bookmarks that can be seen, accessed and shared by others anytime, use this option.

Reordering Bookmarks

1- Hovering on a bookmark shows a drag handle on the left
2- Click and hold the drag handle to move the bookmark and drop it.
3- And there you have it, the position has changed! 🎉

Renaming Bookmarks

Don’t like the current name?
Change it to your preference.
You can rename the bookmark through the Edit Bookmark button

Copy a Link and Delete

You can share bookmarks with any member of your team by copying the bookmark link.

You can also Delete bookmarks with ease.

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