Canvas Basics

What is the Canvas, how to navigate around and the main sections of the Canvas along with all the tools.

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The canvas is your primary interface when building projects in Planera. It behaves like an infinite whiteboard that allows you to create activities, groups (WBS), milestones, relationships and logic by clicking, dragging and dropping elements.

The best way to learn about the Canvas Basics is this short video.

Navigating the Canvas

To move around the Canvas, you drag the mouse while holding down either Left-click or the Scroll Wheel.

You can zoom in and out by either holding “CTRL” and scrolling or from the zoom option in the bottom right toolbar.

Main sections of the Canvas

Canvas has 6 main sections

  1. The Main Canvas: Activities, Groups, Milestones, Text Widget and Schedule logic is created here.

  2. Left Toolbar: Divided into 2 sections.

    • The top section for adding Activities, Groups, Milestones, and Text Widget to the canvas.

    • The bottom section to view and edit the activity details, such as duration, calendar, labor, equipment, etc., in a table format. You can also see activity status and the relationship details of each activity here.

  3. Bottom-right Toolbar: Controls Zoom level, Fit to screen, viewing of the mini map, undo actions and display options.

    From the Canvas Display Options you can customize display attributes such as

    • Display of progress bars, activity dates and group dates

    • Alter the default color for activities

    • Adjust the fill style of activities and milestones

  4. Schedule Management Toolbar (Top-right): For actions like updating the schedule, visualizing Critical Path, applying filters. Setting the default calendar, viewing the changelog and exporting the project can be found under the ‘More’ dropdown.

  5. Top-center: Displays project details and allows quick navigation through all groups in the project.

    • Selecting project title and version takes you back to the project's base level.

    • Information Icon provides access to version description, project duration, data date, project start and finish dates. It also offers the option to view all other project versions."

    • Navigate between groups and activities from the tree icon.

  6. Collaboration tools (Top-left): Allows you to share the project with another user in your organization for collaboration, view the comments, see who else is currently collaborating with you on this project, bookmark specific views and share them.

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