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What is DCMA Quality Check?
What is DCMA Quality Check?
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The DCMA 14-point Schedule Assessment is a set of guidelines in project management. It uses 14 metrics to evaluate schedules both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Assessing the schedule is important during a project's planning, monitoring, and controlling phases. These 14 points are vital for the project schedule's well-being because they help find and analyze critical areas that could cause problems and disrupt the schedule.

You can read more about it here

What are the benefits of DCMA?

DCMA 14 checkpoints guarantee many benefits for the project schedule.

  • Enables ongoing and thorough examination of the project schedule quality.

  • Helps identify weak spots or areas where the schedule might not be designed efficiently.

  • Problem Identification - Helps spot possible problems with project activities and makes it easier to create plans to fix them.

  • Ensures effective project management and execution, leading to successful and timely project completion

How are we using it in Planera?

This tool is made to assist users like Project Controllers, Planners, and Schedulers.
The DCMA feature helps measure project progress, communicate better with the team, and customize reports based on user preferences.

When all the tasks are aligned in the DCMA list, you can run the DCMA check to determine the actual status of the project

The results will be displayed with a clear indication, showcasing tasks that are on track in Green and those requiring attention in Red. This helps keep an eye on and manage the project's progress effectively.

You can review the offending elements and it will take you to the table/canvas to fix them with ease

It also displays the last update date, allowing users to run it when needed and stay on the right track.

It shows the overall Score/Rating from where you can easily judge the condition of the project

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