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Navigating Filtered Elements
Navigating Filtered Elements
Updated over a week ago

Navigating Filtered Elements

Once you add some conditions in filter you’ll notice that Filter button now has navigation arrows. You can navigate between filtered elements by using the right and left arrows. If you click outside the filter, the filter modal will close, but the filter will stay active.

When you first apply the filter, there won't be an automatic navigation to any element. Navigation will happen only when you manually click the left (<) or right (>) buttons.

Please note that these navigation buttons in the filter CTA are specific to the canvas view. Hovering over the filter arrow icon will show a tooltip, but disabled icons won't have tooltips.

The left and right navigation icons will be disabled when you're on the first and last filtered elements, respectively. Moving to the next filtered element will follow the default sort order.

You can also get a quick count of filtered elements inside particular groups using the Tree Dropdown

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