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Creating Custom Calendars in the Library
Creating Custom Calendars in the Library
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  1. Go to the Homepage and click on the Calendars tab.

  2. Click on New Calendar on the top right of the screen

  3. Enter the Name of the new calendar and provide an optional description

  4. Toggle working days to specify the number of working days per week. In this example, M-Th are working days

  5. Next, you can specify custom holidays by clicking on individual dates. In this example, the week of Feb 12 is a non-working week.

  6. You can navigate to the desired year and month by clicking on the left and right arrows.

  7. Click on Create Calendar.


  1. Once created, Calendars can be used in all projects

  2. You can create custom calendars for specific work windows. For example, If work can not be performed during certain weeks or months, Create a new calendar and assign it to Activities impacted by work windows.

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