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Scheduling the Project
Scheduling the Project

How to schedule the project and how to see when schedule is stale

Updated over a week ago
  • As you build the network and change details like duration, calendar, etc., you can update the schedule by clicking the blue Schedule button on the top right.

  • To schedule the project your will. need Start Milestone, connected to the first activity in the sequence and provide a start date. Please see this article to learn more about Milestones

  • The schedule button has two states - schedule is updated and stale.

  • Each time you run the schedule, you will be able to see a summary change from the previous schedule run.

  • If there are any errors or warnings in the network, you can see them here. We highlight the following warnings:

    • Activities with 0 duration

    • Activities with no predecessor

    • Activities with no successors

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