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Download Gantt Chart as PDF
Download Gantt Chart as PDF

How to download and customize PDFs for gantt

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Save and share Gantt chart views as high-resolution PDFs with just a few clicks. Get clear, detailed outputs, perfect for large screens, printing, or emailing to collaborators, all with built-in customization.

How to Export Gantt Chart as PDF

While on the Gantt page, navigate to the 'More' in the header and select 'Download PDF'.

Preview: The left section is your preview area, offering a conceptual view of your PDF's potential appearance based on the title and selected display options, such as header and logos.

Customizing the Header of the PDF

Title: The PDF can be given a name, which will be reflected in the middle of the header.

Compare Version Info: This option is visible only when the compare version is active. It displays the names of the two compared schedule versions in the header and highlights the compared version in gray on the chart. 

Learn more about comparing versions here

Inspect Path Info: This option appears when inspecting an element's path. Selecting this displays the element's name in the header and shows the complete path from start to finish without clutter.

Learn more about inspecting paths here

Adding Logos to the Gantt PDF

Add your organization's logo or initial/name to the top left. Upload the project owner's logo (3:1 ratio) to the top right. Learn more here

Customizing the Footer of Gantt PDF

Version name: Selecting this will display the name in the left field of the footer

Version Description: When this is selected it will display the version description in the footer.

Data Date: When this is selected it will display the data date in the right side of the footer.

PDF Generated Date: When this is selected it will display the date the PDF was generated in the right side of the footer.

Gantt Data Display in PDF

This functionality will print only the data-rich areas, excluding empty spaces. The number can help you to visualize the order of the pages that will be printed out

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