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Gantt Timeframe: View a slice of your Gantt
Gantt Timeframe: View a slice of your Gantt

See and slice of a large project for printing and sharing

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Timeframe is a feature in Gantt that provides a focused view of the upcoming schedule based on a specified timeframe. The maximum timeframe allowed is 12 weeks ahead.

How to set a Timeframe in Gantt?

  1. Click on ‘Timeframe’ from the header.

  2. Choose the 'From' date by either typing it manually or selecting from the calendar icon.

    Note: Dates preceding the project start date are disabled.

    Click Calendar icon

    • Select ‘From’ date and click ‘Save’

    • You can also navigate to 'Quick Dates', to choose any of the preset dates.

  3. Choose the 'To' date in the same manner.

  4. Click ‘Set’ to apply timeframe-specific view of Gantt chart.

  5. Timeframe specific view of Gantt chart is shown.

Clearing Timeframe

  1. Click on ‘Timeframe’ in the header

  2. Click on ‘Clear Timeframe’ to remove timeframe

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