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Create Custom Codes and Tags
Create Custom Codes and Tags

Adding new codes (Columns) and Tags in Tables

Updated over a week ago

Planera allows you to create as many custom codes (fields) and tags as you like, just like adding columns in a spreadsheet in each of the 5 tabs of the Table.

Creating codes and tags can enable you to filter and view the project in many useful ways - Read about it here.

Each project has two custom fields pre-populated in the codes section of the Table - Location and Job Type. You can create and remove as many as you need.

How to Create a New Custom Code?

  1. Navigate to the section of the Table (Build, Resources, Codes, Updates, CPM Data) in which you want to add a custom code.

    For more details on Table view, click here to learn.

  2. You can create a custom code from multiple points in the table view-

    • From Header: Click on ‘+ New Code’.

    • From Last Column: Click ‘+ Add’ and select ‘New Code’ from the dropdown.

    • From Column Header: Use the 3-dot menu to insert a new code to the left or right with the 'Insert Left' or 'Insert Right' option.

  3. In the 'Create New Code' dialog box, enter the column name and add tags know as ‘Options’. You can create more tags anytime.

    Additionally you can also customize the colors here for the tags you created.

    For more details on tags, click here to learn.

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