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Introduction to Workspaces
Introduction to Workspaces

What are workspaces, and how can they help you

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'Workspace' allows you to better organize your projects. This is similar to a folder where you can create folders for the purposes of organizing your files.

Common use cases would be:

  • Create a new workspace for each user.

  • Create a workspace full of reusable recipes of tasks.

  • Create a new workspace tied to a location or to a specific owner.

  • Archive old projects.

Create a new Workspace

To create a new workspace, from the Home screen, click on '+ New workspace' and enter the name of the new workspace.

Switch Workspace

You can now switch to the new workspace by simply clicking on the name.

Move a Project to a Different Workspace

You can easily move projects from one workspace to another by:

  1. Clicking on the 3-dot menu in the project card

  2. Click on 'Move to' from the pop-up menu and select the target workspace

Note: Only the owner and editors of the project can move it to another Workspace. Commenters can not move projects.

Delete Workspace

You may delete or rename a workspace by clicking the 3-dot menu on the corresponding workspace and selecting the desired option from the pop-up menu.

Only the user that created the Workspace and Org Admins can delete a workspace.

Note: Workspace must be empty before you delete it. You can move all projects to another workspace before deleting it.

Recent Projects

Your most recent projects will show up under a tab above the workspaces. This allows you to easily locate your active projects, especially if you have multiple workspaces

Clicking on the 'Recent Project' tab will display the recent projects

Please note you cannot modify project attributes when viewing projects under 'Recent Projects'

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