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Updating Schedule Progress
Updating Schedule Progress

How to capture progress updates of your schedule

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What is Progress Update?

When managing various activities of a project, you have to monitor their status, including whether they are in progress or completed, their actual start, actual finish, and remaining duration. If an activity deviates from the plan, you can edit the actual start and end dates to establish progress and compare it to the baseline plan.

How to update activity progress?

  1. Select the activity and click the icon on the left or right-click and choose Activity Status.

2. View relevant data, including 'Status,' 'Planned Start,' 'Planned Finish,' and 'Original Duration.'

3. Change the status from 'Not Started' to 'In Progress' or 'Completed'

4. Enter additional details like Actual Start, Expected Finish, and Remaining Duration.

Viewing Activity Status:

In Table and Gantt, select the three dots menu or right-click on the activity, revealing the 'Activity Status' option.

Canvas Display Settings Related to Progress Updates

Navigate to 'Settings' and explore useful toggles and a submenu.

How to use the settings menu?

Click on 'Settings,' where you'll find Toggle buttons and a dropdown menu:

Show Activity Dates: Displays the Start and End dates for each activity. These are contextual dates, so they show Planned, Expected, or Actual dates based on the status of the activity.

Show Activity Progress: Displays the progress of each activity with the following indicators:
Not Started: No change.
In-Progress: Shows a progress bar. If dates are also displayed, a tick mark icon appears for the actual start date, and an in-progress icon appears for the estimated end date.
Completed: If dates are displayed, show a tick mark icon for both the actual start and actual end dates.

Understanding In-Progress States:

1. Hovering over the progress bar displays a tooltip for additional information.

2. On Time indicates the Expected Finish or Actual Finish matches the Planned Finish.

3. Late signifies the Expected Finish or Actual Finish is later than the Planned Finish, with color-coded indications:

  • Yellow = Total Float is 1 - 20 days.

  • Red = Total Float is 0 or negative.

Progress Updates Best practices

1. When the data date is not entered, and you try to update the status of activity from ‘Not Started’ to 'In Progress,' a modal appears for entering the Data Date, ensuring accurate calculations of the remaining duration and floats.

2. The first time you switch any activity’s status from "Not Started" to "In Progress," a modal will appear, prompting you to create a new version. This ensures the presence of the base version, facilitating easy comparison with the changes made.

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