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Create a New Working Schedule
Create a New Working Schedule

How to create a new Working Schedule from scratch

Updated over a week ago

Planera provides a focused view of your schedule, enabling you to break activities into tasks with durations and logical connections within each activity. You can create detailed short duration plans for your team.

How to Create a New Working Schedule

  1. Click “New Project” on the homepage.

  2. Select “Working Schedule” and click “Next”.

  3. Click on “New Working Schedule”

    Note: To pull elements from an existing Master Schedule, select "Existing Planera Project". Learn more here

  4. Enter the Project Name, select the default calendar and Project thumbnail color, then click "Next."

    Note: Learn more about default calendar here

  5. Enter “Start Date” and “No. of weeks” then click “Create”

    Note: In a working schedule, the left navigation bar is brown. Start by adding elements and establishing relationships. Expand activities to add tasks and assign durations. Learn more here

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