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Create a Slice from an Existing Master Schedule
Create a Slice from an Existing Master Schedule

How to create a slice from an existing Master Schedule

Updated over a week ago

Pull a slice from a selected master schedule by choosing the from date and the number of weeks.

How to Create a Slice from an Existing Master Schedule

  1. Click “New Project” on the homepage.

  2. Select “Working Schedule” and click “Next”.

  3. Click on “Existing Planera Project”

    Note: If you don't have an existing Master Schedule, select "New Working Schedule". Learn more here

  4. Find the Master Schedule in "Shared Workspaces", “Recent Projects” or by using the search bar

  5. Select a Master Schedule to pull data from by clicking on a Project card of choice

  6. If there are multiple versions of the projects, a versions canvas will popup. Click on a card to select a version.

  7. Enter the Project Name, select the default calendar and Project thumbnail color, then click "Next."

    Note: Learn more about default calendar here

  8. Enter “From Date” and “No. of weeks”, then click “Create”.

    Note: Once information is entered, a visual representation shows the slice being taken from the Master Schedule.

  9. Once a new Working Schedule is created, a popup will appear showing how many activities have been pulled in from the Master Schedule.

    Note: In a working schedule, the left navigation bar is brown. Activities can be expanded to add tasks to which durations can be set and logical connections can be established.

    Learn more here

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